Finautic Triple7 finne

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Finautic´s Triple7 finner er designet med fokus på ekstremt let glid gennem vandet samtidig med at der er også er fokus på høj retningsstabilitet.
Finautic´s Triple7 finner er produceret af 100% aluminium, som giver et let og ekstremt flot design.


We were inspired by the detail and dedication to engineering of the aircraft industry. Having studied the properties of foils and their effectiveness, we found that the simple shape of the vertical stabilizers seen on airplanes and racing sailboats, are in fact the best shape for a fin.

Having found that even the best carbon fiber and fiberglass fins chip easily during use, we started prototyping some ideas and ended up choosing aluminum as it was the strongest and lightest material that could be used. Moreover, aluminum allows the foil to be stronger while decreasing the thickness of the foil. This results in a fin that is not only stronger, but is also faster.

The Finautic line will be the first stand up paddle board fins made from aluminum.